The Secret in Bladham Wood

The Secret in Bladham Wood

Sisters don’t always get along. Twelve-year old Sam often wishes she was an only child. However, when something happens to her kid sister Lilly, Sam is ready to take on whatever comes her way, despite her fear and uncertainty. With her new friend Marcus, Sam sets out to rescue Lilly. Their journey uncovers a family secret that changes Sam and the way she sees the world, forever.

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Who is Sheila Lee Brown?

Sheila Lee Brown is a writer, artist, and generally very curious person. She was born and raised in South Carolina where she spent her childhood playing outdoors in the surrounding woods and making up stories with her three siblings.

Sheila currently lives in Raleigh, North Carolina, with her husband and their dog. She enjoys writing, reading, drawing silly cartoons, and always learning and growing.

This website is an outlet for her varied creativity.

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