Get Two Free Short Stories for Children...

Get Two Free Short Stories for Children...

Originally published in the July 2007 Volume of The School Magazine, "Darker than the Night" is a chilling tale of a young girl and her two friends out on an evening adventure.

Explore the growing and changing perspectives of another young girl in "The School Car." Every kid knows the dark and creepy stories about the old car rusting in the weeds just off of school property, but not every kid is brave enough to run out and take a look inside.

Both stories are great for children between the ages of 8-12 (and for grown-ups as well!).

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Coming June 1, 2017: The Secret in Bladham Wood

Sam and Lilly's usual summer visit to their grandparents' house reveals a long kept family secret that forces the two sisters, along with the newly acquainted Marcus, on an unplanned adventure into the mysterious, invisible part of the forest.

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Coming June 1, 2017:  The Secret in Bladham Wood

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